Knowing what you cannot do is more important than knowing what you can do.

Lucille Ball

IT Government


We provide the services and solutions that make people’s lives better.

Argus has multiple designations within Federal, State and Municipal Government and Public Utility sectors We have worked successfully as both a prime and sub-contractor on a multitude of engagements within various government and public utility agencies.

Argus has the following valid certifications:

  • - WBE (Women Business Enterprise)
  • - SBE (Small Business Enterprise)
  • - SWBE (Small Women Business Enterprise)
  • - WOSB (Women Owned Small Business)

Our blended public and private sector acumen provides us with the knowledge, experience, and skills to successfully deliver on complex government projects, supporting all Local, State, and Federal projects. Information processing and communication technologies are being used to enhance existing services, to implement new ones, and to make them available in new ways.

Today, more than ever before, changes in technology are enabling Government organizations to more effectively and efficiently provide services to the public. While new technology represents exciting opportunities, decisions about how to best adopt it should be carefully considered. As with any innovative change, getting it right from the beginning is key. Getting it right starts with well-informed decisions that are supported by strong advice and expertise. To do this, organizations require trusted and dependable partners who thoroughly understand the potential benefits of new technology as well as potential consequences. Partners who are both highly qualified and able to quickly supply dedicated professionals on demand can make all the difference.

We provide expertise in:

  • IT Strategy
  • Enterprise architecture
  • System and platform integration, design and development
  • Lifecycle management and modernization
  • Business intelligence and data warehousing
  • Mobile application and responsive web design

State and Local Government

Argus proudly serves our State and Local government locations in various capacities. We are an approved vendor, providing IT expertise and talent on multiple initiatives.

City and County Support

ARGUS provides services and solutions for City and County programs through application support and enhancement, application development, outsourcing services, knowledge capture, IT performance consulting.


Argus provides support to transportation agencies, including State Departments of Transportation, Divisions of Motor Vehicles, and Tolling Authorities.


Advancing information and communication technologies are key factors that have changed the nature of financial services: the ways in which they are created, delivered, priced, received, and used. Argus provides IT consultants to implement and support financial applications across all platforms with experience provided in the following areas: Business Financials, Employer Portals, Unemployment Compensation, Pension Plans, E-buy, and E-Procurement. We have provided installation, migration and ongoing support at many client sites.


Argus proudly serves government agencies and educators through initiatives that promote early childhood development, enhanced teacher effectiveness, and improved student learning. Our consultative professional services approach begins with establishing collaborative relationships among Argus consultants and our clients’ own subject matter experts. Together, we leverage leading edge technologies and industry best practices to automate delivery of educational services, and to create data-driven decision support solutions that help our schools to address performance challenges and achieve better student outcomes. We have worked directly with schools across the country and have been heavily involved in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve teacher effectiveness.


Utilities are going through an unprecedented amount of change, catalyzed by federal stimulus funding, aggressive renewable and energy efficiency standards, and public incentives in the United States. This means that we are here to support the major overhaul to systems and new technologies to deploy and optimize assets to meet regulatory pressures and new “smart” customers.

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